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Inspired Partners

I have been blessed to work with some amazing people, and below are a few of them. Each brings their unique gifts and talents for your benefit, so feel free to learn more about each:

Dr. Joy Gray
(Granddaughter Crow)

"I am born to the Biligaana clan, born for the Tachii’nii clan. My grandfather is Eagle now; when he was on earth, he danced with the crows and the ravens. I honor my grandfather and bloodline - I am Granddaughter Crow. I am here to serve, inspire, and encourage.”

~ Granddaughter Crow

Dr. Joy Gray has received a BSBM/BSBA, MBA, and a Doctorate in Leadership. With several years experience in Corporate America with an International Company, additional time working with the Government, as well as, a College Professor - she is here to share and serve under the name of Granddaughter Crow. Her soul mate is Jeffrey Gray, Alchemical Bass (Musician) & creator of sacred Medicine Bags. Joy was born an Empath and comes from a long lineage of spiritual leaders and esoteric wisdoms. Member of the Navajo Nation (50%) and Dutch Heritage (50%) – she is able to provide a sense of integration through life experience.

To learn more about Granddaughter Crow's services, click on her picture to visit her website.

Jeffrey Gray

Jeffrey Gray is a Musician, Artisan and Odinic Priest (Asatru).

Jeffrey Gray is Alchemical Base. He has been playing the electric bass guitar since 1976. In this capacity, he has been in over 15 bands, toured across the United States and Canada.  He is a poet, a song and lyric writer, student of Skaldic poetry, and bassist. Alchemical Base’s philosophy, “Music fills the soul with the sounds the heart wants to hear." You can find his music by clicking on

As an artisan, his main expertise is as a leather craftsman – creating medicine bags and other specialty items. Additionally, he works with his hands to assemble ritualistic tools with materials from our sacred mother earth (leather, woods, feathers, bones, jaws and claws, etc…). You can find his art on the website at or in shops in the Denver Metro Area, Colorado.

An Odinic Priest (Asatru), he is a young sage, seasoned warrior, and dark poet. Weaver of runes, both weal and woe. He is a holy man and provides knowledge and insight, through workshops and personal sessions. Hail Odin!

To learn more about Jeffrey Gray's services, click on his picture to visit Granddaughter Crow's website.

Michael Farmer

Michael Farmer offers a blend of ancient earth-based spiritual practices and skills that enhance the relationship between Spirit and the world, the wild self and the safe self, nature and sustainability. Michael practices respect for nature, compassion for humanity and the divinity of all.

Michael became a student of the Healing Arts in 1995 and learned to use adversity and unexpected life turns to train his mind away from “the story” of hardship and into the perfection of one’s path toward destiny. Michael practices living in unfettered joy by being in service to the land and to those that seek their own wholeness. Michael’s love for the beauty of nature results in his active engagement in surfing, rock climbing, skiing, hiking, kayaking, rafting, and backpacking. He is trained in massage therapy, bio dynamic cranial sacral therapy, shamanic practitioner, the School of Conscious Healing. He is also a Council Guide sanctioned by WhiteEagle and is a Lead Sun Dancer in the One Heart Medicine Circle.

To learn more about Michael Farmer's services, click on his picture to visit his website.

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