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"Mother and Child" by E. J. Klepinger
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My Story

Growing up in the mountains surrounding Conifer, Colorado, I developed an artistic and spiritual love for nature at a very young age; most of my early works featuring it in some way. I attended college at the University of Denver’s School of Art, where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design.

After college, I was hired by the Denver Museum of Natural History’s Exhibits Department, working for nearly 11 years, where I developed my skills in industrial, multimedia and graphic design. My entrepreneurial drive pulled me away from the Museum where I co-owned two separate multimedia businesses, which I pursued over a 16 year time span. Desiring a change from computer related work, I formed Chameleon Home Improvement where I successfully combined my design knowledge with industrial arts, remodeling hundreds of homes over the course of many years.

Though I have experienced much in my life, I knew it was time to come home, to defy the beliefs that I had been raised under. And after much spiritual growth and coaching, I embraced my divine purpose and formed my identity as E. J. Klepinger, where I combine my artistic endeavors with my inspirational guidance. I currently live in Minnesota along the North Shore of Lake Superior.

My continued goal is to serve the world as an inspirational guide, illuminating the natural spirit that is within all things, while honoring the Universal energy that connects all of us. I feel that the best way to inspire others is to live an inspired life.

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